Brandon Jennings gains 20 pounds


I don't know if you guys have seen this but Jennings has apparently gained 20 pounds over the off season. Maybe he's actually planning on playing defense this year.

No Josh Smith in the depth chart


I know this means nothing but, it sure is nice to go to Yahoo's depth chart for the Pistons and see that Josh Smiff's name is nowhere to be found.

Detroit Pistons - Denver Nuggets - Houston Rockets - Utah Jazz trade for the win!


The perfect summertime blockbuster. It would spell the end of the Jith/Drummroe Wars for certain. The Pistons ostensibly receive a 2015 top-1 protected 1st rounder from Denver. Denver and/or Houston send a second-round pick to Utah for their participation to keep the overstocked roster burden off of Detroit and Denver. Denver, of course, is thrilled - pretty decent consolation prize for missing out on their pursuit of Kevin Love (which they could restart at the trade deadline with their new assets) without giving up The Manimal. Houston possibly saves its summer, with a starting lineup that simultaneously becomes better defensively and offensively by putting the Jith in their proper places in the hierarchy. And, again, Utah gets a couple free picks and effectively expires Steve Novak (who would be useless for them but could help a Denver team trying to make it back to the post season). The Pistons final lineup: C Andre Drummond PF Terrence Jones SF Wilson Chandler SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope PG Patrick Beverly 1 Jodie Meeks 2 DJ Augustin 3 Javale McGee 4 Kyle Singler 5 Jonas Jerebko 6 Donatas Motiejunas 7 Caron Butler 8 Cartier Martin 9 Spencer Dinwiddie (until healthy) 10 Aaron Gray A balanced, inexpensive lineup of youth and veterans with talent and skill - what a concept! Make it happen, SVG!

Detroit Pistons should team up with Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia 76ers to acquire Kevin Love


They have the assets to acquire him between the three of them, everyone would get what they want (a future protected pick may go to Philly), and Kevin Love's trade value at or before the deadline will be higher than that of Greg Monroe, Josh Smith, and Brandon Jennings combined. This would be the best deal Flip Saunders is likely to see, let alone Stan Van Gundy, Sam Hinkie, and Vivek Ranadive's front office.

Caron Butler's NBA Life


Just an interesting little video the Pistons uploaded.

Tom Gores paid a bargain price for Pistons


The linked "bid book" was prepared by Bank of America, which conducted the recent sale of the Clippers. According to BoA, Gores spent $325M to acquire 90% of the Pistons, the Palace, and DTE Energy Theater. The "team only" price (excluding other PSE assets) was $217M. Relative to the team's total annual revenue (an important metric for franchise valuation), this was the lowest price paid for a NBA team since 2000, when Stan Kroenke bought the Nuggets for $175M.

Pistons not (yet?) exploring move downtown


"We have a beautiful arena, and we have invested tens of millions of dollars over the past three years to modernize and improve that facility," said Barnhill in the statement. "At the same time, we would never close the door on alternatives if they made good sense for our fans, for our team, for our business and for Michigan."

Platinum Equity partner Mark Barnhill's statement about the Pistons' plans (or lack thereof) after the Ilitch family announced details of the Red Wings' new arena.

Will Smith Trade Dictate Monroe's Future?


All credit to DBB reader W. Stones for the photoshop, originally posted in the comments here, and Quellish for the accompanying rhyme:

"Josh Smith was chilln’ out maxin’ (or near-maxin’) relaxin’ all cool… Shooting some airballs outside of the school…

One particular brick hit a couple of guys (Sheed and Big Ben) who were up to no good. One little fight ensued (Smith being twirled above Ben’s fro)…. And now he’s moving to cowbell-air!"

Josh Smith becomes legendary


Why wouldn't the Kings want this? Hat-tip to @bigburgerboi55

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