Tom Gores paid a bargain price for Pistons


The linked "bid book" was prepared by Bank of America, which conducted the recent sale of the Clippers. According to BoA, Gores spent $325M to acquire 90% of the Pistons, the Palace, and DTE Energy Theater. The "team only" price (excluding other PSE assets) was $217M. Relative to the team's total annual revenue (an important metric for franchise valuation), this was the lowest price paid for a NBA team since 2000, when Stan Kroenke bought the Nuggets for $175M.

Pistons not (yet?) exploring move downtown


"We have a beautiful arena, and we have invested tens of millions of dollars over the past three years to modernize and improve that facility," said Barnhill in the statement. "At the same time, we would never close the door on alternatives if they made good sense for our fans, for our team, for our business and for Michigan."

Platinum Equity partner Mark Barnhill's statement about the Pistons' plans (or lack thereof) after the Ilitch family announced details of the Red Wings' new arena.

Will Smith Trade Dictate Monroe's Future?


All credit to DBB reader W. Stones for the photoshop, originally posted in the comments here, and Quellish for the accompanying rhyme:

"Josh Smith was chilln’ out maxin’ (or near-maxin’) relaxin’ all cool… Shooting some airballs outside of the school…

One particular brick hit a couple of guys (Sheed and Big Ben) who were up to no good. One little fight ensued (Smith being twirled above Ben’s fro)…. And now he’s moving to cowbell-air!"

Josh Smith becomes legendary


Why wouldn't the Kings want this? Hat-tip to @bigburgerboi55

One Down.. Stuckey signs with Pacers


One down one to go. Who can we get to take on Bynum?

Apparently our Motor City jerseys will be sleeved this year.


I guess this is from the "Adidas catalog." I'm still not buying into the sleeved NBA jerseys, but whatever. Now Josh Smith will have an excuse for shooting terribly on Sundays.

Jodie Meeks will wear No. 20


Jodie Meeks was introduced at a press conference today, where it was announced he'll wear No. 20, following in the footsteps of former Pistons luminaries such as Vernon Macklin, Carlos Delfino, Jon Barry and Allan Houston.

DaJuan Summers on playing in Urkaine


"I feared for my family’s safety," Summers said. "My family went home, but I stayed. I wasn’t scared, per se, but it was concerning not knowing what Putin was gonna do and with Russia trying to come over and take over Ukraine. We didn’t know if he was coming for more of the area or what. Kiev was like the boiling point for the protests. We seen a lot of Molotov cocktails downtown, the city burning. It was interesting."

Vince Ellis caught up with former Piston DaJuan Summers, who played through a harrowing experience overseas last season.

Dre on USA roster


I'd love to see the big guy at the world cup in Spain. I hope he makes the cut.

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