What? No.

1. Detroit Pistons: The big three in the frontcourt is not working. They can't afford big extensions for Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond after giving Josh Smith his contract. Something's got to be done. My favorite trade idea is Wilson Chandler, Andre Miller, and Kenneth Faried from Denver for Rodney Stuckey and Monroe.

A trade idea (not an actual rumor) from Matt Moore of CBS Sports

Season-saver trade: Pistons/Suns/T-Wolves/Clippers

Extremely low-risk, high-reward trade for all involved except for the Pistons, but the Pistons need to be willing to take risks. Few people here would consider losing Josh a risk however ...

Rodney Stuckey no longer dizzy

Rodney Stuckey went through practice and seemed healthy Monday. The reserve guard was limited to 12 minutes after complaining of dizziness in the Pistons' loss Wednesday to Cleveland. Previously: Stuckey leaves game with dizziness.

This is Why I Only Read DBB Articles

The logic used to justify trading Greg Monroe in this article is comedic gold.

18 years ago today, Isiah's number is retired

Chauncey Billups eyes the front office

There's no doubt in my mind he'd be an outstanding GM. Just make sure he's got a crack analytics guy. Should Dumars survive this year, I would expect GM to take some sort of FO role over the summer. The problem is I really don't expect Dumars to, unless a miracle happens. Like they get the 7th seed and actually take 2 games off of Miami. I love Chauncey, like Sheed and others, want him to stay in the organization. He's a Piston for life and deserves a crack at a FO gig over the summer.

John Loyer yells a lot

"I don’t know what we’re going to do in second halves, because he’s always losing his voice in the first half. We’re going to have to help him coach a little bit in second halves — with his press conferences after games, too."

- Chauncey Billups (via Freep)

Detroit Pistons make 1st Take

Talking about firing Cheeks and past coaches giving Dumars a bad rep. Haven't seen that outlook on any of the Pistons sites. What do the more knowledgeable people at DBB, make of this?


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