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I've still got mine from years ago, but if you don't you can buy it here.

Shield Your Eyes: Kirk Goldsberry vs. Smennings

Kirk Goldsberry takes a look at the worst-shooting tandem in the league.

Mitch Albom calls out Tom Gores

This is a feel-good column about Joe Dumars, so maybe Albom just wants to deflect criticism onto somebody else. But this is pretty rough talk from a guy like Albom who isn't known for being negative. "Finally that new buyer, Tom Gores, arrived, and he has been, quite frankly, one long cringe. Outside of dancing, placing himself in the middle of spotlights, shoving Phil Jackson embarrassingly into the mix and insisting Mo Cheeks be fired after 50 games, what has he contributed? Dumars apparently warned Gores’ group early that you can’t treat an NBA team like a private equity investment — stripped, polished and sold off in five years. It requires a winning culture, an atmosphere that guides personnel. San Antonio has it. For a long time, Boston and the Lakers had it. And yes, Detroit had it. But you can’t create it from a mansion in L.A., you can’t do it by chasing glitzy names (heaven help us if Isiah Thomas returns to the front office), and you can’t do it by issuing public ultimatums — all of which Gores has done."

Ex-Piston and UCONN star Rip Hamilton congratulates the Huskies on their win

Rip won an NCAA championship with UCONN in 1999 and won the MOP. Miami sharpshooter Ray Allen was a Husky between '93-'96.

Josh Smith both taking and shirking responsibility for this season

"If you played the game, if you know X’s and O’s, it’s not all my fault," Smith said. "I’m not gonna say I’m perfect, by far, but I’m not the guy you can point the finger at. I’m a firm believer in you point one finger at one person, point three back at yourself." and "There’s a lot of young guys that don’t understand the importance of understanding your opponent, it’s still fun for them," Smith said. "What we have to understand is, it’s cool to have fun but look at the severity of the situation. Playing in the postseason is addictive. Being there six times, all you look forward to is that feeling, a feeling like no other." Chauncey's comments are interesting too

Outsourcing the Dre-McCurdy drama to Grantland

I don't feel much up to writing about the sad, twisted tale of the Andre Drummond-Jennette McCurdy romance that seemingly never was. Pistons fans have enough to be sad about.

Tony Mitchell to sign a 10-day contract with Bucks

Things must be confusing down there in Indiana. Two Tony Mitchells!?


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