Data For A Better Basketball Team - Interview With Raptors Analytics Guys

Here's an interview by one of the guys with the MaRS Data Catalyst team (I work with them through my day job) and Alex Rucker, a founding partner of KBAR Consulting LLC and, at present, the senior analytics consultant for the Toronto Raptors. It's a quick read, but gives some neat insight as to how hard the Raptors are working when it comes to advanced metrics.

The Pistons, The Bobcats, Greg Monroe, and Ben Gordon

Well I tried to do a little vetting having never been to this site before but the author seems legit having a BA in journalism and having worked at ESPN in the stats department. So take as you will.

Do We Now Have (some) Hope?

According to Dan Feldman, Josh Smith would be traded if there were any takers. Very interesting read in the midst of all this Greg Monroe trade propaganda.

Unrelated to Basketball

Me and my buddy made a video for fun and we wanted to know if the guys at DBB think we suck

Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner

Silver officially takes over on Saturday, Feb. 1.

"Smith confidently shoots a turnaround jumper off the top of the backboard"

Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie giving Josh Smith some love for his high percentage shot selection.

"Who Says No?!": More Trade Machine Fun

Sadly, this batch of Pistons is not cookin' so good. But, there's hope! Here's another wacky trade to solve all our problems, featuring a hometown SF, buying low on an All-Star PG, solving the floor spacing problems at PF, and everyone's favorite charity - Young Players Without Draft Picks.

Terrence Ross wants Tony Mitchell in the Dunk Contest

The whole article isn't about it, but there is a brief interview of Terrence Ross and he says Tony Mitchell is the first name he could come up with that he wants to go against.

Worst grader of all-time?

mLive writer David Mayo hands out interesting mid-season grades for the Pistons' players. What do you all think of these? I was quite surprised to be honest.

Owner Tom Gores, the Invisible Man, Hurts Pistons – Deadline Detroit

An interesting tangential perspective on the mess of the Pistons, if for no other reason than that the idea of the Pistons being a mess is seeping into the public consciousness. However, I don't really agree with him. Dumars began unraveling the franchise when he traded Chauncey for AI, then hid behind "ownership transition" for 2 years after Mr. Davidson passed. Now it's the owner's fault again? The writer calls for Joe D's resignation, too, but from where I'm sitting, Gores' biggest mistake is trusting Joe D to begin with. Time to clean house and install someone who understands today's NBA. Also: TREY BURKE Warning.


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