Morning Shootaround

Hittin' the Links: More On The PS&E Lawsuit, Charlie V's Body, Hate, And The Potential Eight


Links dealing with the Detroit Pistons on June 11, 2010. There are eight potential players that could be coming in for workouts that the Pistons could possibly pick with the No. 7 pick in the 2010...

Hittin' the Links: Potential No. 7 Picks To Work Out With Pistons, Joe Dumars Q&A, and Fennis Dembo References FTW


The Pistons are going to kick it into high gear and start working out potential number seven picks leading up to the draft. Other Pistons related links are included.

Hittin' the Links: SB Nation Detroit

SB Nation rolls out regional hubs and included in the first batch of hubs launched on June 6 is SB Nation Detroit. Here's what it means for Detroit Bad Boys.

Hittin' the Links: Pistons Still Interested In DeMarcus [Chunky] Cousins and Derrick Favors, Austin Daye Working Hard, and Pistons Want Ben Wallace to Return


Some links rounding up the latest Detroit Pistons news on June 2, 2010 relating to DeMarcus Cousins, Derrick Favors, Austin Daye, and Ben Wallace, amongst others.

Hittin' the Links: CV for Three, Dumars on Tanking, and Giving 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do' Advice


A few links about CV from his twitter account and other interesting links regarding the state of the Pistons.

Hittin' the Links: Suns Making It Interesting, 7th Speculation, and Will Bynum's Defense


Looking at some of the links surrounding the Detroit Pistons - pretty much all relating to their offseason moves.

Hittin' the Links: The Lottery Balls Don't Drop; Pistons Will Draft 7th Overall

Here is a recap of the links regarding the 2010 NBA draft lottery and the Detroit Pistons.

Hittin' the Links: NBA Draft Lottery Tonight

With the NBA draft lottery tonight, here are some links regarding the Detroit Pistons' odds.

Hittin' the Links: It's Shocking, But LeBron's Not Likely to Sign With Detroit; Pistons Hold Group Workouts


The summer of LeBron has officially begun, but there is virtually no chance that there is a summer of LeBron for the Pistons. In fact, has their odds at 40-1 at landing LeBron, the worst...

Hittin' the Links: Scavenging the Trade Market


Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News talks about how the Pistons could potentially poach from lesser teams in filling their roster needs.

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