Detroit Pistons Analysis

What do Van Gundy’s signings tell us?

Stan Van Gundy was active from day one in free agency, filling the roster with a number of his guys. These moves give us a first chance to glean/over-analyze SVG’s intent for the year.

Rodman may deserve another record

DBB reader ghost of Dumars examines Pistons legend Dennis Rodman's rebounding numbers using modern statistics.

Leave Josh Smith alone!

DBB reader XstreamINsanity compares Detroit's big man pairings to find what combination of Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe and Josh Smith was most productive.

D.J. Augustin dribbles too much, probably

No guard averaged more dribbles per touch than Augustin did last year. But what does it mean?


True Shooting Percentage and SVG's free agents

DBB reader demino12 examines the common thread connecting most of Stan Van Gundy's free agent targets: their ability to shoot from anywhere on the court.

Will Bynum on the roster bubble


It looks to be a battle between Will Bynum and Tony Mitchell for the final roster spot.

How does Dinwiddie compare to his draft peers?


Pistons picked Spencer Dinwiddie with the 38th pick in the draft, touting all along his first round talent. But just how first round was his talent?

How Melo in LA, LeBron in Cleveland helps Pistons


Free agency has ground to a halt while everyone waits on decisions by LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. If these superstars upend the status quo it would help Detroit in it's efforts to sign Isaiah...

Jodie Meeks got paid, but he didn't get overpaid


We're entering a new salary cap era and we just haven't adjusted yet. Also, Jodie Meeks is better than you think.

Pistons free agent Cartier Martin profile


On the first day of free agency the Pistons agreed to deals with Cartier Martin. Let’s dive into the numbers for the Pistons newest 3-and-D player.


10 possible FA targets for Pistons


Stan Van Gundy says he knows who the Pistons will go after in free agency. Here is a guess at who those players are.

Summer League will be big for Peyton Siva


With 2014 draft pick Spencer Dinwiddie out for summer league, 2013 second-round pick Peyton Siva becomes the point (guard) of focus.

Should the Pistons shop for a first-round pick?


In a draft where picks might be fore sale, should the Pistons be in the market?

Moose is going to get a lot of money and that's OK


The Detroit Pistons have reportedly made retaining Monroe it's highest offseason priority. Good.

SVG on Josh Smith: play to your strengths


In his first few public appearances, SVG only hinted at his vision for Josh Smith's role in his system. Recent comments from SVG paint a much clearer picture in which Josh Smith plays to his...


Joe Dumars' complete draft history

From Mateen Cleaves to Peyton Siva and everyone in between, DBB reader XstreamINsanity compiles a list of Dumars' draft-day decisions.

Jeff Bower's complete draft history with Hornets


Reviewing every draft pick during the Jeff Bower upper management era for the Charlotte and New Orleans Hornets.

Ranking every head coach in the NBA


The hiring of Stan Van Gundy got me thinking, where would he rank among today's NBA head coaches?

10 perimeter threats Pistons could draft


Pistons No. 1 priority is to add shooting to its roster. Here are 10 players that might be available for the Pistons in the NBA Draft.

Everything wrong with Pistons in 5 charts


Well, not everything. But this gives you a good idea of what Stan Van Gundy has in store for himself.

Fun with word clouds: Gores introduces Van Gundy


After listening to Tom Gores and Stan Van Gundy talk for 45 minutes -- and transcribing nearly 7,000 words of their responses -- I figured I'd have some fun with their answers by isolating each...

'Connecting the floor to the front office'


Why did Stan Van Gundy want full control over the Detroit Pistons front office? It's not about power, and it's not about job security. It's about building something more.

Is Detroit becoming a desirable destination?


The best coach available just chose an unlikely team for a long-term partnership. Is this the beginning of a sea change for how free agents perceive Detroit?


SVG on constructing his 4-1 offense

DBB reader Teal Stallion unearths a great interview about Stan Van Gundy and team construction.

Stan Van Gundy on analytics


New Pistons' coach and President of Basketball Operations, Stan Van Gundy, knows his way around a stat sheet and has been active in the emerging analytics community. This is a good thing for...

What will Stan Van Gundy's offense look like?


Stan Van Gundy will bring to the Detroit Pistons a track record and a set of schemes that might affect the team's current roster.

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