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Pistons hire Jed Hughes to help with GM search

Hughes is a University of Michigan PhD who works for head hunting firm Korn Ferry International.

Players pointing finger at Smith for failures

It's not a surprise that Josh Smith is the primary reason the Piston were a bad basketball team. But Smith could be the source for locker-room drama as well.

Reminder: Bad Boys documentary premieres tonight

Documentary the latest in ESPN's acclaimed 30 for 30 series. A retrospective also debuts tonight.

Pistons secure 82.4% chance of keeping pick

You've gotta ask yourself a question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk? I play with ESPN's Draft Lottery Machine and, well, the results speak for themselves.

Joe Dumars Out: National Reaction

Local and national pundits and writers weigh in on the end of the Joe Dumars era.

Joe Dumars era comes to an end

The Detroit Pistons announced Monday morning that Joe Dumars is stepping down, effective immediately.

Report: Dumars to stay but not as GM

Ken Cantanella and George David to run basketball operations while team conducts GM search.

Tank Watch: One final thing edition

The Pistons have secured the eighth spot in the NBA Draft Lottery. But they have an outside shot at the seventh spot.

Loyer: No youth movement for Pistons

Head coach says he will play to win every game. Will probably lose every game anyway.

What should the Pistons call their D-League team?

New team will play in Grand Rapids next season and there will be a contest to help determine its name.


Joe Dumars could resign within week

Dumars has been with the organization since being drafted by team in 1985.

Pistons officially eliminated from playoffs

We knew they weren't going to make it, but it's mathematically official.

Josh Smith: 'It's not all my fault'

The veteran forward admits the Pistons have underperformed this year but doesn't think he's the biggest problem.

Bad Boys Unite raises over $300k

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – The Bad Boys and members of the 1989 NBA Championship reunited on March 27 and 28 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of their first NBA Championship and raise funds for local Detroit non-profit organizations.

Hosted by the Come Together Foundation, the two-day event raised over $300,000 in net proceeds that will be shared equally between six Detroit-based non-profit organizations – Forgotten Harvest, Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Cornerstone Schools, Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, Rhonda Walker Foundation and CATCH (Sparky Anderson’s Charity for Children).

From Pretty cool that the franchise turned what could have been a simple reunion into a significant contribution to area non-profits.

Tank watch: Big Friday in Brooklyn & around league

Only seven games remain in the Pistons' season and there's a big chance to move up in the tank standings on Friday night.

Brandon Jennings fined by NBA for flopping

Jennings is the first Detroit Pistons player to ever be fined under the NBA's anti-flopping policy.

NBA Tank Watch: Pistons can move up on Wednesday

The Pistons tank on the Indiana Pacers tonight while the two teams directly ahead of them in the tank standings square off.

Tank Watch: Opening Day tanks

Sunday was a sad day for our Michigan and Michigan State brothers and sisters, but the Pistons (no game) had a fine day.

Pistons to get own D-League team

David Mayo reports that an agreement has been reached to bring a D League team to Grand Rapids, where it will be the single-franchise affiliate to the Pistons.

Tank Watch: Wednesday edition

The Tankest of all Tank Watches.

After latest rumor, Izzo says he's happy at MSU

No matter how much truth there is behind it, this rumor will be a permanent fixture until the Pistons hire their next coach.

Tank Watch: Tuesday edition

An untimely win in Utah, snapping a 12-year losing streak there, could prove to be a costly one.

Tank Watch: Monday edition

It's Tank Watch perfection as Atlanta loses, and more importantly Sacramento, Cleveland and the LA Lakers all win.

Drummond could return tonight vs. Suns

Center injured his head against Pacers, missed Nuggets game.

Tank Watch: Friday edition

Cavs lose, Durant dunks, and Boston has a surprisingly cream puff schedule coming up.

Tank Watch: Thursday edition

And the Pistons blew another lead!

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