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Amir Johnson answers questions


Amir Johnson is doing what he does this preseason, leading the Raptors in rebounding ... and personal fouls. He's also his usual friendly self with the local media, giving Holly MacKenzie an i...

It’s contagious!


Much like swine flu and SARS, the Amir Johnson Man-Crush is contagious -- Scott Carefoot of the always excellent RaptorBlog is the latest victim: If you're wondering why I've been excited about...

Amir and Delfino swap places


It doesn't seem all that long ago that if I heard about a trade orchestrated by John Hammond involving Amir Johnson and Carlos Delfino that I'd be curious who the Pistons received in return....

In defense of Amir Johnson’s motor


First of all, let me say that I have all the respect in the world for Kelly Dwyer; the guy watches more basketball than any 10 fans combined. That said, his take on the Amir Johnson trade simply...

Report: Amir Johnson traded to Bucks


From Sean Deveney at The Baseline: A busy predraft day just got busier for the Milwaukee Bucks. A source tells Sporting News that the Bucks, after trading Richard Jefferson for a trio of...

Will Detroit sell Amir + pick for cash?


That's the rumor on the street, and by street, I mean DraftExpress: With the Detroit Pistons looking to get as far under the salary cap as they can this summer, and the Oklahoma City Thunder being...

Appreciating Amir (or at least his hair)


From Austin Burton at Dime: "Watching Amir Johnson in his 10 minutes off the bench last night, two things occurred to me: (1) Instead of barely cracking the Pistons’ rotation, the 21-year-old could...

Antonio McDyess returns to the starting lineup


On Feb. 5, Michael Curry hinted that Antonio McDyess might resume starting: "Over our last 20 games and into the playoffs, I am not sure, but we may look at that," Curry said. "But going through...

Big men blame


One explanation for Detroit's decline that hasn't been talked about all that much: every big man not named Antonio McDyess has taken a step back. I don't agree with all of the points raised in that...

Amir = rebounds


The Pistons are 20th in the league in rebounding. When Amir Johnson plays at least 20 minutes a game, they perform like a top-10 rebounding team. (I know, I know: he grabbed just one board in 17...

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