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Bismack Biyombo's NYC workout: "sources...were present to see him dunk on opponents repeatedly"

Matching up with Josh Harrellson, Joe Trapani, Talor Battle, Malcolm Delaney and Travele Jones, Bismack Biyombo had an excellent workout for the Raptors in New York City, where he showed a significantly better offensive arsenal than he had last week in Treviso, according to multiple sources who were present to see him dunk on opponents repeatedly. http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news;_ylt=Amlgbf_6T_tEgWS8FJwKbqq8vLYF?slug=ycn-8674693

"Situational Statistics": Bismack Biyombo, beyond the box score

Box-scores don't always tell us everything we need to know about what happened in an actual game, and seasonal stats can be misleading at times in attempting to project what type of NBA player a NCAA or international prospect will become. That's why it makes sense to branch out and explore other alternatives that are available to us, including those offered to us by Synergy Sports Technology, who've logged virtually every individual possession of every game this year's NBA draft class has taken part of. .... Like Valanciunas, Biyombo saw more than 80% of his shots at the basket, but he finished them at a 12% lower rate, making just 56.1% of them last season. He also turned the ball over on 25.8% of his half court possessions, the highest mark in this group, showing that, despite his ridiculously large hands, he struggled to hold onto the ball in traffic at times. Considering this was Biyombo's first taste of high level basketball, it isn't surprising to see a player with so many physical tools, still struggle. There were a couple of bright spots for Biyombo though. Seeing 33% (1st) of his touches as the roll man on the pick and roll, he finished at a solid 65% (6th) and draw fouls on nearly 31.8% (2nd) of those possessions. The Congolese center has a remarkable frame, and that shined through at times when he bowled his way through contact or finished a lob pass with a dunk. Part of Biyombo's problem revolves around his desire to do too much at times. When he wasn't turning the ball over, he managed to finish his post-up plays (63% FG, 1st) and cuts (73%, 3rd) at a solid rate, getting fouled about 20% of the time in the process, so picking and choosing his spots will likely be a key for him. Considering he played just over a dozen games before opting to attend the Hoop Summit, Biyombo's sample size skews his data a bit, but the raw aspects of his offensive game are clear. Ball security and experience are two priorities for Biyombo as he aims to play efficiently in a simple offensive role to match his elite defensive ability. http://www.draftexpress.com/article/Situational-Statistics-the-2011-Big-Men-Crop-3761/

CONTROVERSY: Bismack Biyombo not invited to NBA draft

Every year, the NBA tips its hand as to who it believes are the top 14 or 15 prospects in the draft with its annual "green room" invitations. These players are invited by the league to sit in a special room with their families and agent on draft night. When their names are called, they leave the room and go up on stage to shake commissioner David Stern's hand. .... The only conspicuous name left off the list is Bismack Biyombo from Congo.

Synergy Sports analysis: Bismack Biyombo

As much as Biyombo's ability to alter shots off-ball is great, it's his ability to change them on the ball that was especially impressive. Of the 21 charted defensive post plays for Biyombo on Synergy Sports Technology, he blocked 6-7 shots on the ball and severely altered 3-4 more shots. Nasty. Granted, a limited sample size, but still nasty. Overall, Biyombo's post defense was stellar this year. On those aforementioned 21 post plays, his opponents managed to shoot just 22% (according to Synergy). Holds his position well, even against veterans, shows good balance and shuffles his feet well. Very sound in his approach. Also, seems competent guarding outside the painted area. Shows hard on pick/roll and moves his feet well on the perimeter. Can legitimately guard both frontcourt positions. Though, he's not without his flaws defensively. Sometimes loses sight of the ball and has a tendency to over-help. Biyombo might struggle a little adjusting to defending NBA talent, which is expected of any newcomer. But he will be much more prepared than any college prospects to defend against NBA offenses thanks to his time dealing with the talent and precision of many of the ACB teams.

Bismack Biyombo facts.

Since...the year Bismack Biyombo was born...low post defense related deaths have increased 1,000 percent Biyombo's wingspan is so long that his left hand has only seen his right hand in pictures. http://www.nbadraft.net/forum/bismack-biyombo-facts

Mock Draft: #8 | Detroit Pistons | Bismack Biyombo | PF | Congo

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.com: The closer the draft gets, the more some teams believe Joe Dumars needs the safe pick with better odds on a nice return with a new owner and a new coach. Biyombo is definitely not a safe-pick guy,but he projects as a game changer more than anyone still on the board. http://www.nba.com/2011/news/features/scott_howard_cooper/06/14/mock-draft-part-iii/index.html

ESPN Insider Chad Ford interviews NBA Draft international prospect Bismack Biyombo, a 6-9 power...

ESPN Insider Chad Ford interviews NBA Draft international prospect Bismack Biyombo, a 6-9 power forward from the Congo. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=6664331

Not sure I've met a more interesting draft prospect than Bismack Biyombo in terms of the sheer...


Not sure I've met a more interesting draft prospect than Bismack Biyombo in terms of the sheer depth of his thoughts. Incredibly cognitive.


Bismack Biyombo: News Round-Up

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.com: Biyombo makes direct, if not challenging, eye contact and in clear English explains specifically what will happen. He will lead the NBA in rebounding. He will lead the NBA in blocks. It is more declaration than explanation, really, with peppered references to hard work softening arrogance into determination. .... The age issue, from differing reports about the validity of his earliest documents from the Republic of Congo, has basically faded. One general manager who has looked into the issue is asked how old Biyombo is and answers, "Your guess is as good as mine," but also stresses it is not a major concern. The difference between being 18 and, say, 25 or 27? That's a big deal because it indicates in stronger terms what Biyombo's ceiling is and it reduces the potential length of his career. But the difference between 18 and the 21 or 22 some suggest is minor by comparison. "At some point, it becomes like a little fun to me," he said. "I watch a lot of players. I watch a lot of guys. So why they trust the other guys in the Draft and they don't trust me? That's my question." We get up from the table in the coffee shop and Biyombo, with the largest wing span of any player measured here or at the Chicago pre-Draft combine, extends his right arm. He shakes hands and maintains eye contact in a way few with 10 years in the league do. He says he appreciates the chance to tell people about his story. There is no mystery man here. http://www.nba.com/2011/news/features/scott_howard_cooper/06/14/bismack-biyombo-euro-workout/index.html -- Aran Smith, NBADraft.net: The workout was a little painful to watch as he missed shot after shot from within 10 feet of the basket. At one point it seemed a little foolish to have him shoot so many shots when it's not the strength of his game. We counted his shots after the first couple minutes and he went something close to 12-of-35 from within 10 feet playing 1-on-none. He was able to redeem himself somewhat by knocking down 9 free throws in a row at one point to finish 14-of-20 towards the end. To be fair, this type of workout is difficult as the player is being asked to exert a ton of energy without a break and it's extremely intimidating knowing that so many scouts are watching every move and dissecting your game. It can start to play tricks with a player's head if they aren't mentally tough. Biyombo didn't look nervous but his shooting may have been thrown off to a degree. http://www.nbadraft.net/2011-adidas-eurocamp-day-1 -- David Aldridge, NBA.com: A couple of NBA veteran personnel men compare Biyombo to Saer Sene, who rocketed from Senegal, seemingly overnight, and wound up being taken 10th overall by Seattle in the 2006 Draft, but never lived up to his high status and lasted just three seasons in the NBA. "This kid's way better than Saer Sene," the Central exec said. "He played big minutes on a good team. This kid's gonna go pretty early. He's got the mystery thing going for him, which is really important. Because we're all looking for upside, right?" But like the others, Biyombo could be both helped and hurt by moving up in the Draft will all the withdrawals. Helped in that he may be taken higher in the first round than he would have otherwise. But hurt because of the high expectations that are placed on top-10 picks. http://www.nba.com/2011/news/features/david_aldridge/05/02/big-board-power-forwards/index.html?ls=iref:nbahpt1
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