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Are Billups and Hill HOF worthy?


My FanHouse colleague Chris Tomasson asks former Pistons Grant Hill and Chauncey Billups about their Hall of Fame chances: "Obviously, I would love to say yes,'' Billups, who has a career averages...

Is Chauncey Billups a future HOFer?


Will Chauncey Billups someday make the Hall of Fame? Dana Gauruder of the Oakland Press thinks so: "How significant is Chauncey Billups' accomplishment of playing in his seventh straight conference...

Denver almost settled for Tinsley …


This past season was a disaster, one I think all Pistons fans are ready to forget, and yet every time I post lately all I do is re-hash old stuff, whether it's remembering Chuck Daly, fondly l...

Nuggets win, Chauncey (unintentionally) rubs salt in Detroit’s wounds


The Nuggets won a playoff series for the first time since 1994. I really don't think this was a reference to his former teammates, but it still stings: '`It feels good. It feels great actually,...

Irony is not lost in the NBA


That NBA Lottery Pick: "Chauncey Billups of the Denver Nuggets is the recipient of the Joe Dumars Trophy presented to the 2008-09 NBA Sportsmanship Award winner, the NBA announced today. ... Yep,...

This almost hurts to read


Jim Armstrong of the Denver Post: If Dumars hadn't called, the Nuggets would have been watching the first round of the playoffs Sunday night, not playing in them. There was no Plan B, no bailout...

Talking with Will Bynum


It's been a roller coaster season for all of the Pistons, but especially Will Bynum, who's made the jump from forgotten role player to fan favorite / fourth quarter superstar over the course of a...

Chauncey’s ovation


Alternate view: And, of course, what most of us saw on TV, courtesy of Need4Sheed: If you haven't seen them yet, Need4Sheed also has Chauncey's post-game comments.

Chauncey wants No. 1


Scoop Jackson asked each All-Star if they could be any other player in the game, who would it be? "Then came Chauncey Billups' classic and unexpected answer: 'A.I. So I can get my Detroit No. 1...

Chauncey Billups opens up


Was Chauncey Billups observing some kind of moratorium in regards to talking about The Trade? Or have I just been so focused on Detroit's side of the deal that I've missed all of his previous...

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