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Anthony Davis Trademarks His Brow

Anthony Davis, who will likely be taken as the No. 1 pick in this Thursday’s NBA Draft by the New Orleans Hornets, is getting down to business -- literally. Davis, known for his connected eyebrows, trademarked the phrases "Fear The Brow" and "Raise The Brow" earlier this month. "I don’t want anyone to try to grow a unibrow because of me and then try to make money off of it," Davis told CNBC. "Me and my family decided to trademark it because it’s very unique." Davis said that people frequently tell him to cut it, but Davis said he won’t because "everyone’s talking about it." http://www.cnbc.com/id/47951613

Canadians Make a Racket Over Mysterious "Windsor Hum"

Unexplained Noise Spurs Diplomatic Fracas At Detroit Border; Americans Can't Hear It WINDSOR, Ontario—Last month, Bob Dechert, a senior aide to Canada's foreign minister, was dispatched to Detroit with an important diplomatic mission: To stop a highly annoying noise. The so-called Windsor hum, described as a low-frequency rumbling sound, has rattled windows and knocked objects off shelves in this border community just across the Detroit River from the Motor City. Locals have said it sounds like a large diesel truck idling, a loud boom box or the bass vocals of Barry White. Windsor residents have blamed the hum for causing illness, whipping dogs into frenzies, keeping cats housebound and sending goldfish to the surface in backyard ponds. Many have resorted to switching on their furnace fan all season to drown out the noise. Even weirder, Americans can't seem to hear it. Canadians find that suspicious—especially since their research suggests the hum is coming from the Yankees' side—and accuse U.S. officials of staying silent over the noise. "The government of Canada takes this issue seriously," Mr. Dechert said after his recent fact-finding trip, which included a visit to a heavily industrialized area on the American side of the river that some Canadian scientists believe is to blame for the hum. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303990604577370182557339816.html

CONTROVERSY: The latest CONTROVERSY involving the CONTROVERSIAL DeMarcus Cousins.

...the Sacramento Kings forward "allegedly" decided to engage in an unsolicited game of "show and tell" with self proclaimed "model/dancer" Asia Monroe...

CONTROVERSY: Cousins gets T’d up … in a streetball game

When DeMarcus Cousins becomes a very good NBA player, some people are going to have to apologize for writing him off prematurely as a hot-headed malcontent incapable of behaving like an adult within a team context. But for now, Cousins is just making it too easy. While we were all barbecuing and playing beach volleyball and otherwise celebrating America’s independence, Cousins was busy earning a technical foul during a streetball game in Washington, D.C.’s legendary Goodman league, according to the Afro. Again: He earned a technical during a streetball game in a league that, according to every description I’ve read this morning, is part serious (there is lots of talent every summer) and informal, with some running trash-talk play-by-play from the commissioner and lots of the highlight showboating you normally see in streetball action. Cousins got called for traveling and threw the ball out of the gym. In a streetball game. SI STORY: http://nba-point-forward.si.com/2011/07/05/cousins-gets-td-up-in-a-streetball-game/ ORIGINAL REPORT: http://afro.com/sections/sports/story.htm?storyid=71744

CONTROVERSY: Bismack Biyombo not invited to NBA draft

Every year, the NBA tips its hand as to who it believes are the top 14 or 15 prospects in the draft with its annual "green room" invitations. These players are invited by the league to sit in a special room with their families and agent on draft night. When their names are called, they leave the room and go up on stage to shake commissioner David Stern's hand. .... The only conspicuous name left off the list is Bismack Biyombo from Congo.

WSJ: Talking Basketball, in Spanish, Is Definitely No Slam Dunk


MIAMI—Broadcasters covering the NBA finals for Spanish-speaking fans from different parts of the world do it from a Tower of Babel where a dunk is not a dunk, but the play-by-play guys disagree about just what to call it. As the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks vie on the basketball court for the championship title, two of their broadcasters are duking it out with each other. "Some say donquear. That'd be Spanglish," says José Pañeda, the announcer calling the play on Miami's WQBA-AM radio. But donquear doesn't work in Argentina, where dunk is volcada, he says. In Spain, it's mate, which literally means "the kill," as when a matador administers the lethal thrust in a bullfight. None of those terms work for Victor Villalba, radio KFLC's Latino basketball jock, who is handling the finals this week for the Dallas Mavericks. Spanglish, a mixture of Spanish and English, makes his Texas audience uneasy, says the 51-year-old broadcaster. So for the word dunk, he prefers clavada, which comes from clavo, the noun for "nail." Messrs. Pañeda and Villalba are just two of the broadcasters who are confronting the vagaries of Basketball Spanish for an immigrant audience increasingly interested in the game. Basketball in English is already tricky, full of arcane terms like "cross-over dribble," "tomahawk dunk" and "alley oop pass." In Spanish, the challenge is magnified because listeners to Spanish broadcasts hail from or live on three different continents where language and dialects vary. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304906004576369841345801116.html

CONTROVERSY: Kings staying in Sacramento for 2011

The owners of the Sacramento Kings have dropped plans to move the team to Anaheim next season and will stay at least one more year. "We are heading back to Sacramento. It was a tough decision," team co-owner George Maloof said, according to The Sacramento Bee. "Ticket holders were reaching out to us, and it was the right thing to do to give it a shot at one more season." The decision gives Sacramento one more chance at planning the new arena the Maloofs say they need for the Kings to remain in California's state capital. Previous efforts to assemble a plan and financing for a new arena have fallen short. Team co-owner Joe Maloof told The Associated Press the team would remain in Sacramento for one more season to give mayor Kevin Johnson a chance to follow through on his promise for a new arena. If the city doesn't follow through, the Kings will be relocated to another city, he added. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=6465353

Kemba Walker: UConn Star Reads First Book

University of Conneticut star guard Kemba Walker didn’t surprise anyone when he announced that he would forgo his senior year with the Huskies and enter into the 2011 NBA draft. He did, however, shock people when he admitted that just weeks ago -- at age 20 -- he finished reading a book for the first time ever. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Walker says he went through high school and college without reading an entire book cover-to-cover. What’s even more surprising is the fact that Walker is actually graduating with a degree from UConn a year early. LINK: The Root LINK: Sports Illustrated

A fascinating Isiah Thomas interview.

Isiah Thomas talks with Jason Whitlock.
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