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Detroit Pistons - Motown Revival


Came across this article today. A great read about the transformation of the Pistons throughout the years.

The Malice at the Palace: An oral history of the scariest moment in NBA history

Blaha: Bill Laimbeer and I were broadcasting the game down by the Pistons bench. Everything happened on the other end of press row. And the reason I wasn't particularly shook up about it is because Bill Laimbeer didn't seem to be particularly bothered by it. He was kind of nonplussed by the whole thing. http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/7612311/view/full/an-oral-history-malice-palace

Wolverines' Basketball Player Development Center finally named- for William Davidson


The center's three minutes away from my house and I watched them build it. It's nice. Davidson ran track at Michigan in the early 1940s and majored of course- in Business.

NBA Suspends Villanueva 5 Games for Altercation


Apparently it's going to cost him $450,000. Is this the league yet again going way to far to stifle any sort of entertainment this sport has to offer, or did Charlie get what was coming to him for his role in that fiasco?

Ben Wallace's brother passed away, Ben out indefinitely.


According to Vincent Goodwill, Ben Wallace's brother passed away today. Wallace out indefinitely.

Pistons in limbo until Karen Davidson can sell Palace Sports & Entertainment


Michael Rosenberg weighs in on the pending sale of the Pistons and Palace Sports & Entertainment. From the article: "We’re looking for a buyer," she (Davidson) said Wednesday at the Pistons’ Motor City Makeover event at the Butzel Family Center on Detroit’s east side. This is a slight change from Davidson’s initial position that she is exploring a possible sale, but it is not a surprising one." He also speculates about a timetable for the sale, and how the "for sale" sign at the Palace might affect the performance of the team. None of this is particularly mind-bending stuff, but the fact that the owner has officially moved from "Thinking about selling", to "Actively seeking a buyer" is significant. Check out the link for more.

Recent Pistons firings shake up mood at The Palace


Apparently, all is not well in Pistons HQ. Some firings of long-time employees leads Terry Foster to believe that, anyway. Foster begins: "The firings last Friday of a popular public relations person and some top sales executives seem to illustrate that the once-family-like Pistons franchise is in disarray. It appears everyone's job is on the line during a period of uncertainty a year after the death of longtime owner Bill Davidson." He concludes by guessing that either Peter Karmanos or Dan Gilbert may be possible future owners and by suggesting that Joe Dumars has been unusually quite. Check the link for more details.

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