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Report: Joe Dumars wants Mike Woodson, Tom Gores wants Lawrence Frank

Mike Woodson and Lawrence Frank remain the favorites to become Detroit's next head coach, reports ESPN's Marc Stein. But why hasn't Dumars expanded his search?

Projecting Brandon Knight's rookie production

Assuming there is a season in 2011-12, how will Brandon Knight fare? We examine ESPN's Kevin Pelton's projected stat-line.

Brandon Knight: 'There's a lot that I need to work on'

Brandon Knight is not a finished product -- but he knows exactly what he needs to improve to succeed in the NBA. Fortunately, Joe Dumars vows to give Knight the space to make mistakes and grow as a...

Joe Dumars on the coaching search, operating without handcuffs, working with Tom Gores

Following Saturday's press conference to introduce this year's rookie class, Joe Dumars offered a few candid remarks about the ongoing coaching search and the change in freedom he's enjoyed since...

Joe Dumars on Brandon Knight: It's about talent, not fit

Nobody expected the Detroit Pistons to draft yet another guard, but at this stage of the rebuilding game, you draft talent and fit pieces around it, not the other way around.

Chad Ford: Pistons focusing on five prospects

Joe Dumars has reportedly narrowed his focus on five prospects for the NBA Draft: Bismack Biyombo, Tristan Thompson, Jan Vesely, Jonas Valanciunas ... and Kemba Walker.

Tom Gores on challenging Joe Dumars

What does new Pistons owner Tom Gores mean when he says he'll challenge Joe Dumars in every way? We read between the lines.

Tom Gores: We're going to adjust, be fluid, be fast

Highlights from Tom Gores' introductory press conference, including his plans to hold Joe Dumars accountable, when and how he'll spend money to improve the team, and when John Kuester's fate might...

Tom Gores: Our job isn't to agree with Joe Dumars

Tom Gores was officially introduced Thursday as the new owner of the Detroit Pistons, and he wasted little time throwing support behind Joe Dumars. Watch video of Gores' press conference.

Karen Davidson: "I have no idea" if Tom Gores will keep Joe Dumars

Will John Kuester be fired? Is Joe Dumars on the hot seat? There's no telling for sure until Tom Gores officially takes the reins.

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