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...failing to live up to expectations: Tayshaun Prince

Tayshaun Prince, SF, Detroit Pistons Prince still has those long arms on defense and the ability to give you a little bit of everything on offense, but he’s contributing just a little bit less of everything for a confused Detroit team. His shooting is cold (41.6 percent after consistently hitting around 46 percent to 48 percent for his career), but the non-scoring numbers that get at the 31-year-old’s activity level are more worrisome — and perhaps indicate age is finally catching up to him. Prince’s assists, rebounds and free throws are all way down, and he just hasn’t been as dynamic a presence on defense this season. Some of this is due to the context in Detroit, where rookie guard Brandon Knight has added yet another ball-handler with whom everyone must share, Greg Monroe is snagging boards and assists all over the place and the team is struggling badly in general. Prince is on a reasonable contract (four years, $28 million), and he provides a veteran presence. But he’s also standing in the way of some young guys, especially Austin Daye, and he’d be more valuable in a limited role on a good team. http://nba-point-forward.si.com/2012/01/20/some-failing-to-live-up-to-expectations/

Tom Gores hires Dave Checketts as consultant

Former New York Knicks president Dave Checketts is serving as a basketball consultant to new Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores, according to sources close to the situation. The news of Checketts' involvement coincides with former Knicks great Patrick Ewing's emergence late last week as a candidate for the Pistons' coaching vacancy. Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars continues to serve as Detroit's lead basketball decision-maker, with Gores announcing when he officially took control of the franchise earlier this month that "we're going to lean on [Dumars] pretty heavily." Yet sources said that Gores is also taking a level of input from Checketts, who headed up New York's management structure when the Knicks were built around Ewing. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=6709060

In Print: Dumars' hands are tied


We've all speculated that Dumars has had a red light on making moves since Mr. D passed on. In a comprehensive article outlining the fall of the Pistons not only on the court, but off as well, the Detroit news puts it in print: "While many have criticized the signings of Gordon and Villanueva, Dumars has been prevented from making big additions until the sale of the team. Dumars, in fact, hasn't made a major trade since moving Billups. He was forced to turn down a number of deals to trade Hamilton because ownership reportedly did not want to add payroll; in fact, he can only deal Hamilton for an expiring deal or a contract that costs less than Hamilton's, a tough chore as Hamilton's production has fallen off. "Joe's hands are tied," [former Piston's Coach Ray Scott] said."

Dumars Interview with FREEP's Vince Ellis


Apparently last week was "Joe Dumars Interview Week" for the local Detroit Media. Vince Ellis got his crack at the Piston's Legend-turned-GM as well. The interview covers a wide range of topics, from Dumars' thoughts on Coach Q, the lack of a trade this off-season, his disappointment about last year, and his thoughts on free agents. Give it a whirl.

Bill Simmons on JOD

"There are a million reasons Joe Dumars should be fired at this point, but here's the latest: I can't believe he couldn't top Utah's offer for Al Jefferson. Really, Joe, you couldn't have ponied up something like the No. 7 pick and Tayshaun Prince for a true low-post guy? Or, what about overpaying to swap the No. 7 for No. 4 (and take Cousins)? How many chances during a GM's career will he have a chance to fleece someone like Kahn? I don't get it."

"When Billups becomes a GM, he'll do it like Dumars"


and he wears #4 for America. Good read. Good press for Joe too- he needs some right now.

Joe Dumars Q&A With Keith Langlois - Part 2


A gem. KL: We know that this free-agent class is pretty top-heavy with stars. Is it a deep free-agent class and by that I mean is that mid-level a real value this year? JD: Only if it addresses exactly what you’re looking for. It may be deep, but it may not be deep in the areas you’re looking for. For us, I can’t say we’ve pinpointed any one particular person – man, that’s the mid-level guy. We’ve done that in the past and we’ve known it early on who we were going to go after. I can’t sit here and tell you that right now.

Joe Dumars, the Detroit Pistons and a Failed Rebuilding Project


Joe Dumars looked to rebuild an aging team last year. Unfortunately he hasn't made the best personnel moves during that time.

Pistons Sign Chris Wilcox


Joe Dumars officially announced the signing of big man Chris Wilcox today. Terms of the contract were not disclosed, but those will become available in time. It is believed that Wilcox will earn roughly around $6 million over 2-years.

Judging Joe Dumars, as the Pistons rebuild


Mr. Dave Dial of MLIVE has a great piece here breaking down Mr. Michael Rosenberg's recent column and a blog by Pistons beat writer Mr. Keith Langlois, agreeing in most with what they have to say. While I agree with a commenter that Mr. Langlois is not going to openly criticize Joe Dumars seeing as he is employed by the organization (that would be job suicide), I think Mr. Dial hits the nail on the head in general with his reactions to Joe Dumars and what exactly went wrong this past season. Fans need to give Dumars a break and everything that was bad this past season wasn't solely on the shoulders of "The Answer."

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