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NBA Trade Rumors: Bobcats, Kings and Bucks conspire three-way trade

The Pistons may not be able to afford standing still on draft day, as the Bobcats are conspiring with the Kings and Bucks to sandwich Detroit's No. 8 pick.

Who Should the Sixers Select if They Trade For the Second Pick?


Looking at the draft options if the Sixers trade Andre Iguodala to the TimberWolves for the number two overall pick.

Replay of the Liberty Ballers NBA Draft Podcast


Check out the replay of our Liberty Ballers Draft Podcast where we cover everything surrounding the Sixers, from the Draft, to Andre Iguodala rumors.

Jonas Valanciunas still hopeful to play in NBA next season


The Pistons are reportedly nervous about taking a guy who needs to stay in Europe for a year -- maybe this changes things. (Or, maybe it changes things for one of the other teams in the top 7, leaving another prospect on the board for when Detroit picks.)

2011 Liberty Ballers Big Board


The Liberty Ballers team releases their big board, pretending t hey're in the war room on draft night for the Sixers

Sixers 2011 Draft Primer Part 3: European Players


Sixers 2011 Draft Primer Part 3: a look at the European players near the top of this years draft.

Evaluating international prospects (Sam Amick on SI.com)


Interesting read, including an (unknown, of course) scout's take on each player.

SB Nation Collaborative NBA Mock Draft: Pistons select Kemba Walker at No. 8

With Bismack Biyombo, Jonas Valanciunas and Kawhi Leonard off the board, the Detroit Pistons are forced to take the best player available instead of filling a position of need. Do you think this...

2011 NBA Draft Rumors Featuring Trades, Jonas Valanciunas And Tristan Thompson


The 2011 NBA Draft is just two sleeps away -- as the cool girls on my Facebook say -- which means the rumors, smokescreens and speculation regarding random trades are coming to a head.

LL: Latest on Sixers Sale, Andre Iguodala, Donatas Motiejunas and Kenneth Faried


The latest on looming sale of the Sixers, Andre Iguodala, trade rumors, and various 2011 NBA Draft Prospects. Plus, Quin Snyder!

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