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Friday’s Layup Drill


Learning the news that Ernie Harwell, 91, has an incurable tumor felt like a kick in the head; hearing him talk about how he's accepted his fate almost brought tears to my eyes. "We don't know how...

Natalie’s farewell post


No, Natalie from Need4Sheed is not changing the name of her site. So quit asking her. But do read her farewell post to Rasheed Wallace.

Rasheed Wallace to the Cavs?


From J.Gamble at SLAM ONLINE: "My sources say that Rasheed Wallace and the Cavs are beginning talks on a two-year deal worth about $10 million per for the services of the former Piston. The move...

Rumor: Sheed wants $8 million or else


I have no clue who J. Gamble is, let alone how credible his unnamed sources are, but what the hell, it's the offseason and rumors are fun. From SLAM: SLAM contributor J. Gamble [making his debut...

On lacking leadership


From Dana Gauruder's blog: I remember watching Ben Wallace in his final year with the Pistons, thinking 'He's lost it. He doesn't have the same explosion anymore.' Same thing this year with Sheed,...

Rasheed Wallace is animated, robotic, confident


All credit belongs to Detroitable, a quirky new Pistons blog that only recently popped up on my radar. For background, see Rasheed's original comments to the media here.

LeBron gets all the calls … literally


This isn't a post about the Pistons because, well, there's no real news to report -- two days between games feels like an eternity. But, since there's a good chance the Pistons will be facing the...

"Getting our swagger back" is the new "flipping the switch"


Cliche alert: "Getting our swagger back" is the new "flipping the switch." Rasheed Wallace to the Freep: "And I think our swagger will come with the playoffs. We have a lot of veterans on here who...

Rasheed won’t be rushed to the starting lineup


In his first game back from his calf injury on Tuesday, Rasheed Wallace came off the bench, ostensibly so he could ease back into the flow of things until his conditioning was back to normal. If...

Sadly, these aren’t April Fool’s jokes


I have a couple of FanHouse posts up that you may or may not enjoy, depending on the level of masochism you take with your morning coffee: Allen Iverson Gripes About His Role, and Rasheed Wallace...

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