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The end (and inspiration) of Free Darko


Via TrueHoop, the blog Free Darko is ending it's run. Here's the post that inspired it all. May 18, 2004 - ""Larry! Get the f#ck off me! Let me live! You got Tayshaun Prince out there like you think he's Bernard King. Don't let the mop top fool you, that's just something I do for the lovely Svetlana's in the Auburn Hills (hey, boo!). I will shoot at these actors like movie directors. AND THIS AIN'T A MOVIE, DOG! Free T.I. in 2004 and Free Darko right now!"

Talking about injuries


In hindsight, John Kuester is going through the same mess that partially sabotaged Michael Curry last year -- he spent all training camp and preseason planning around one set of players only to...

Tayshaun Prince out indefinitely


From the Free Press: The Pistons announced Saturday that Prince will be out indefinitely due to a small disk rupture in his lower back after an MRI exam confirmed the injury. The Pistons didn't...

Is Tayshaun Prince’s defense slipping?


MLive's Patrick Hayes tackled that question with an exhaustive (and objective) look at Prince's body of work the last several seasons. It's a must-read for Pistons fans.

Tayshaun questionable for Mavs


From Dave Pemberton: Pistons coach John Kuester said he was unsure, when asked if forward Tayshaun Prince would be available for Thursday's game at Dallas. Prince suffered a cut on the bottom of...

Will Mrs. D spend money? Will it matter?


Karen Davidson has been in the news a bit this week (here, here and here), although it seems all the articles are actually just using quotes stockpiled from a single promotional appearance. I think...

Friday’s Layup Drill


Learning the news that Ernie Harwell, 91, has an incurable tumor felt like a kick in the head; hearing him talk about how he's accepted his fate almost brought tears to my eyes. "We don't know how...

Boston lowballs, Detroit laughs


From Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski: The Celtics offered Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo to the Detroit Pistons for a package that included Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey, league...

The Invisible Man!


Don't let anyone ever tell you that Tayshaun Prince isn't consistent. (hat-tip: DBB reader @brgulker)

On lacking leadership


From Dana Gauruder's blog: I remember watching Ben Wallace in his final year with the Pistons, thinking 'He's lost it. He doesn't have the same explosion anymore.' Same thing this year with Sheed,...

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