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CONTROVERSY: The latest CONTROVERSY involving the CONTROVERSIAL DeMarcus Cousins.

...the Sacramento Kings forward "allegedly" decided to engage in an unsolicited game of "show and tell" with self proclaimed "model/dancer" Asia Monroe...

CONTROVERSY: Cousins gets T’d up … in a streetball game

When DeMarcus Cousins becomes a very good NBA player, some people are going to have to apologize for writing him off prematurely as a hot-headed malcontent incapable of behaving like an adult within a team context. But for now, Cousins is just making it too easy. While we were all barbecuing and playing beach volleyball and otherwise celebrating America’s independence, Cousins was busy earning a technical foul during a streetball game in Washington, D.C.’s legendary Goodman league, according to the Afro. Again: He earned a technical during a streetball game in a league that, according to every description I’ve read this morning, is part serious (there is lots of talent every summer) and informal, with some running trash-talk play-by-play from the commissioner and lots of the highlight showboating you normally see in streetball action. Cousins got called for traveling and threw the ball out of the gym. In a streetball game. SI STORY: http://nba-point-forward.si.com/2011/07/05/cousins-gets-td-up-in-a-streetball-game/ ORIGINAL REPORT: http://afro.com/sections/sports/story.htm?storyid=71744

An analysis of DeMarcus Cousins and (in)efficiency.

At first glance, it does appear rather bleak. Cousins is currently posting one of the least efficient seasons in the history of 20-year-olds in the NBA. His PER has been artificially held afloat by his high shots per minute figures and rebounding, but there’s really no way around the fact that Cousins has been one of the worst players in basketball this season....Ultimately though, such criticisms miss the bigger picture.

Surprise! DeMarcus Cousins immature

It appears DeMarcus Cousins is fulfilling the prophecy many made for him before the Sacramento Kings took him with the fifth pick of last year's draft. You know, the one with the competing assessments: 1) dominant physical skills that are constantly in danger of being undone by; 2) lack of both maturity and impulse control.
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