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Zaret joins Blaha and Laimbeer

Long-time Detroit sports personality Eli Zaret will join George Blaha and Bill Laimbeer in the booth this year:

Zaret, who missed out on a job with the Tigers broadcast team in 2002, will work 28 Pistons games on WB20. He'll handle the pregame show, halftime interviews with Pistons coach Flip Saunders and also work the sidelines as a reporter.

"This is the best way to see a game," joked Zaret on Wednesday. "I don't want to do talk shows or the late news again, so this is going to be fun."

I've always liked Zaret because he's always been a bit more edgy than the other local sportscasters. I never really understood why he didn't catch on as a Detroit favorite like Bernie Smilovitz.

Zaret to join Pistons telecast [Detroit Free Press]