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Prince wants more money than Dunleavy

Joe Dumars is still confident he'll get Tayshaun Prince to sign, but he may have to up the offer based on what Golden State is doing:

Over the last couple of days, a new wrinkle has come to the bargaining table -- a wrinkle named Mike Dunleavy.

The Warriors fourth-year forward is also working on a five-year extension, and reports out of Golden State believe Dunleavy wants a $50 million deal.

The Warriors, it is believed, have offered him a deal closer to $40 million.

How does this impact Prince? From the Pistons' standpoint, it doesn't. Dumars has said repeatedly that he can't let how other teams structure their payroll dictate how he structures the Pistons'.

But from Prince's point of view, Dunleavy's contract matters. Dunleavy was the third overall pick in the 2003 draft, Prince was the 23rd. Both are the same size and play the same position.

Since the two have been in the league, Prince has been to the playoffs every year, including two straight trips to the Finals and one title. Dunleavy and the Warriors have never been in the playoffs.

And Prince has dominated statistically, especially when the two have matched up against each other. Prince has more points, rebounds and assists over his career -- despite generally being the fourth option. He's also by far a better defender.

Two years ago in a game at Oakland, Prince hit seven straight shots on Dunleavy at the start of the game, causing Dunleavy to be benched.

So to Prince, accepting a contract for less money than Dunleavy would be unconscionable.

If the Warriors compromise and give Dunleavy $45 million, the Pistons will have to go a bit higher. If they don't, Prince will probably test the free-agent waters.

"You don't want it to come to that," Prince said. "But at the same time, you have to do what's right for yourself."

I need to get Mike Dunleavy's agent to negotiate my next contract. I was skeptical about Prince being worth $10 million a year, but Dunleavy? If he had been the third pick of the second round instead of the first, he'd be getting half of that.

In other news, how about Darko getting six more blocks last night. And what happened to all that Dale Davis will get extra minutes talk? Dude was a DNP-CD last night. At least Jason Maxiell was productive: 10 points, four boards and a block in seven minutes.

I didn't see the game, but from what I can tell the only reason the Pistons lost was because the starters started to sleepwalk a bit. Understandable for the second to last exhibition game, I suppose, but they better snap out of it soon.

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