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Best starting five in the league

I want to keep most of my posts at least semi-analytical and not turn this into a great big homer fest, but Flip Saunders' quote below is why the Pistons are so fun to watch:

"That was the first time Flip has seen us in a tough, tough grind," said Chauncey Billups. "He got to see how we really win games."

Saunders was duly impressed.

"What you saw tonight with this team was, you saw Chauncey Billups carry us for a time. You saw Tayshaun Prince carry us when we were on life support in the third quarter. You saw Ben Wallace carry us and you saw Rasheed Wallace carry us at times. And then you saw Rip Hamilton take it over down the stretch.

"That's what this team is about."

The Pistons really do have the best starting five in the league. You honestly don't know from game to game who is going to lead the team in scoring. When one guy is struggling, the team doesn't collapse, they just find the next guy to take over. And when all five guys are clicking, watch out.

If you haven't watched a game yet this year, do yourself a favor and check 'em out. It's a Friday evening and all I want to do tonight is watch the late game in Portland -- this team is just that good.

Pistons grind out a comeback [Detroit News]