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Sacramento Kings fined $30,000 for derogatory video

OK, even I'm getting bored with this one, but just for the sake of being thorough, here it is.

NEW YORK -- The Sacramento Kings were fined $30,000 by the NBA on Monday for showing derogatory images of Detroit on video screens prior to their home opener against the Pistons.

When the Pistons were introduced Nov. 8, the Arco Arena scoreboard flashed pictures of abandoned buildings, burned-out cars, piles of rubble and other negative images of Detroit. The Pistons won the game 102-88.

The Kings apologized that night and owners Joe and Gavin Maloof bought full-page ads that ran in The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press, expressing "great respect for Detroit's long and rich tradition as a landmark American city and the incredibly positive impact the Motor City has made over the course of our country's history."

So we're done with this, right? I don't want to complain too muchI'll be honest, this little site of mine has been on the receiving end of a lot of Google searches regarding the whole mess -- who knew so many people were curious about Leland Patton? , but I didn't really think this story deserved much wings in the first place.

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