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Antonio McDyess addresses his struggles

Not surprisingly, I'm not the only one wondering what's up with Antonio McD:

The fact that he is the lone misfiring Piston in a rejuvenated offense that is averaging 97.7 points is driving McDyess to the point of distraction.

"It's just frustrating," he said. "I've never missed this many shots in my life, especially this many good shots. I've shot in the high 40s (percentage) and low 50s my whole career. And now I can't knock down a shot."

After nine games, McDyess is shooting 31 percent and averaging 3.8 points, well below his career averages of 49 percent and 15.7 points.

"I am not worried about his offense," coach Flip Saunders said. "I think he's been very effective in other areas, defensively and rebounding. He'll get himself turned around. His biggest thing is, he hasn't really had a chance to get his legs into it yet. His shot has been a little flat because his legs aren't there. That will come."

McDyess said he thinks the problem might be more in his head than in his legs.

"I've just been dwelling on it so much," he said. "It's like, I miss a shot and then I start thinking, 'OK, I've got to make the next one.' That's kind of a rookie move, you know? Coming from a guy who's in his 11th year in the league, it shouldn't be that way.

"I am just trying to do other things like play defense to try and get myself into a rhythm. It seems like I don't have any rhythm out there. I am all out of whack."

McDyess also pointed out that he's had a tough time getting into a rhythm since he's had such little work down in the post. Luckily, that's pretty much just a function of the matchups so far, and not quite an indication of a changing role in the offense.

Coming up for the Pistons are the Nuggets, Wizards, Bucks, Nets, Sixers and Knicks. Aside from the Wizards and Bucks, those teams don't really score a lot of points, and in a slower pace game McDyess should have more opportunties to post-up down low, if that's what it takes. In any case, he's an 11-year veteran just nine games into the season, so everyone (including myself) should quit looking at the numbers too hard and just relax.

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