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Big Ben’s foot is fine

Just a quick note: you may have read in recent articles that Ben Wallace was battling a sore foot in Saturday's game. I don't know about you, but for the life of me I couldn't find out anything else about this ailment until coming across this:

Saunders said guarding Rockets center Yao Ming on Friday took a toll on Wallace.

Wallace came away with a sore right foot. The next night, he had four rebounds against Dallas.

"Guarding Yao, 350 pounds, is like going to the weight room and bench-pressing 350 pounds for two hours straight," Saunders said.

Wallace said his foot is fine, and he practiced Monday.

Take a big breath of relief, Detroit, because this looks like just a minor thing. As for the lack of rebounds in Saturday's game, remember that he only played 24 minutes, and that Dallas shot damn near 60% -- fewer minutes plus fewer missed shots equals fewer rebounds.

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