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Week 3 BPR Power Rankings

The latest edition of the Blogosphere Power Rankings have been released. Not surprisingly, the Pistons jumped up a spot to take over the No. 1 spot. Where do the Spurs fit in? Or the red-hot Cavs? Squint really hard and find out for yourself:

NBA BPR - Week 3

Or, you know, just head over to YAYsports! for the full-sized, legible list. In case you're curious, my ballot is below the jump:

1 Detroit
2 San Antonio
3 Dallas
4 Cleveland
5 LA Clippers
6 Milwaukee
7 Memphis
8 Indiana
9 Denver
10 Washington
11 Golden State
12 Miami
13 New Jersey
14 Phoenix
15 Philadelphia
16 Minnesota
17 Seattle
18 Boston
19 Sacramento
20 Chicago
21 Houston
22 New Orleans
23 Utah
24 LA Lakers
25 Portland
26 New York
27 Charlotte
28 Orlando
29 Atlanta
30 Toronto

If you dig for it, you can also find my ballot on the YAYsports! BRP page, which is pretty cool since it tracks my changes from the first time I voted earlier in the year.

(In case you noticed, yes, I know that my post title "BPR Power Rankings" actually means "Blogosphere Power Rankings Power Rankings," but I wanted to make sure everyone knew what it was about. Besides, it's kind of like "ATM machine" and "PIN number," you know? It just sounds right...)