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At least eat some turkey

As usual, the Free Press has a glut of Pistons articles every Wednesday. Considering it's the day before Thanksgiving, you had to figure someone would ask each of the Pistons about their holiday plans and what they're thankful for. It's the usual fare (Rip helps out at homeless shelter; Prince thankful for family, Rasheed watches wrestling, etc.) until you get to Darko and Delfino.

Ask Carlos Delfino or Darko Milicic what they're thankful for this Thanksgiving and they'll give you a blank stare. Of course, being from Argentina and Serbia and Montenegro, they don't celebrate the holiday.

"It's just another day for me," Milicic said.

"It's nothing for us," said Delfino, who said he might go out to eat.

Still, when asked to play along and share what they're thankful for, both seemed confused.

"I think you be positive and give thanks for what you have?" Delfino said, looking for reassurance he had it right.

Milicic was less sure.

Finally, with some coaxing, Milicic joked that he's thankful for Kevin Grigg, the team's public relations director who stood nearby. And Delfino said he's most thankful for his health after an injury-filled year.

Hopefully one of their teammates will offer to take them home for dinner. Otherwise, I can just picture Darko and Delfino eating at some Chinese restaurant tomorrow, unsure what to do with the rest of the evening before finally deciding to take in the new Harry Potter film.

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