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Pistons grind one out in Milwaukee

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I wasn't able to catch last night's game in Milwaukee. Detroit won, but by most accounts I didn't miss anything special. From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Ugly victories count in the NBA standings too, which was why the Detroit Pistons were not complaining about their unsightly 85-76 decision over the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night at the Bradley Center.

The game matched two teams that had played the night before and struggled all night to find an offensive rhythm. In the end, the Pistons showed the perseverance that has carried them to the NBA Finals the past two seasons.

There was also this...

Not only did the Pistons' game go into double-overtime, but they had to sit on the airport runway in Detroit for two hours afterward so their plane could be de-iced. The Pistons didn't get to their hotel in Milwaukee until 3 a.m., which was 4 a.m., according to their Eastern time zone body clocks.

... but I doubt that was a huge factor. The loss of sleep sucks, but Roundball One is more luxurious than most people's homes.

Quirks I noticed from the box score: Ben Wallace's two points and 18 boards; Darko playing 10 minutes, scoring two points and blocking two shots; Delfino playing seven minutes and scoring nada; Rip Hamilton getting five personal fouls one night after picking up six. Since I didn't actually, you know, see the game, I won't comment too much (aside from pointing out that 10-2 is the best record in the league).

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