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What’s up with T.J. Ford?

On a Milwaukee-themed sidenote, what the heck is up with T.J. Ford? I thought he was going to be huge this year after an exciting preseason and a near triple-double in the season opener, but he's tanked pretty hard the past week and a half:

T.J. Ford\'s game log

Curious what was going on, I poked around a bit and found one blogger's reflection on Ford's six-point, zero-assist game on Wednesday against the Sixers. From Bucks View:

T.J. Ford has really lost the early season touch, huh? Thank God, Buddah, Allah, the Rev. Moon - whoever - for Mo Williams. I know T.J. came out about how much he admired [Iverson], but shit, buy him a drink or take him to Hearbreakers or something, but don't let him go for 45 while you go for 6, foul out and drop NO assists. How can he have no assists? Michael Redd had 32 points - he didn't hit him on one of those? Insane.

Slow it down a bit T.J. Not every play is a one man fast break.

Good stuff. You won't find analysis like that in the Journal-Sentinel.

Ford is probably the fastest player in the league, which may be working against him at times. Once he learns to play under control, I'm guessing his consistency will improve by leaps and bounds. I'm probably being a little hard (considering he's 11 games into his second season after missing all of last year), but he's definitely a guy whose progress I'll be following this year.

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