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Antonio McDyess appears to be fine

Like I said before, I didn't see Saturday's game, but it's worth noting that Antonio McDyess played 15 minutes despite banging his knee the night before. He got some extra attention from trainer Arnie Kander before the game, but he was good to go:

Kander had his hands full before Saturday night's game. The first player on his table was Antonio McDyess. He banged knees with Antawn Jamison with 3:11 left in regulation Friday and limped through the rest of the game.

That the pain was in his right knee, not his surgically repaired left knee, was a good sign. But it didn't lessen his discomfort.

"It's sore, but I think it'll be all right," said McDyess, who was listed as probable before the game.

Pistons go on late show after loss [Detroit News]