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Rip Hamilton’s plethora of iPods

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Rip Hamilton\'s iPodsThe Free Press continues their weekly tradition of "getting personal" with Pistons players. Today, Rip Hamilton is up to bat:

On his 10 iPods: "Music is everything. Just a guy like Tupac Shakur, he's a poet. You can listen to it before a game, at home, in your car, whenever. I have so many iPods just for the fact that I need one in every car, I need one in every room. Because I hate picking one up, taking it with me, then all of a sudden, I leave it in a bag or a hotel."

I wish they went a little more in depth on this one, because as a fan of technology this just amazes me. Does he have different music on each one? Are they all synched? Who fills them up? How big are they all? How many has he just left in a hotel? Does he even bother trying to get it back? Does he use the same ol' ear buds that came with the iPod, or does he go nuts on a $300 pair of headphones?

Does he pay a guy to keep track of them all and fill them up? And if that guy accidentally give him Kenny Chesney instead of Young Jeezy on a long road trip, does he get automatically canned? How can I get that job? Forget learning the finer points of the game, this is the info I want to know!

Check out the rest of the article for other nuggets like this:

On Rip City, his signature gear: "It was just something I wanted to do. Every kid wants to wear something that says their name on it. I think Rip City means a lot. It's not just a name, it's a movement. It can represent so many different things, and I just enjoy it."

Are you a part of the Rip City movement? Because I am.

GETTING PERSONAL WITH ... Richard (Rip) Hamilton [Detroit Free Press]