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FreeDarko hits the big time

About a week or so ago I pointed you guys over to FreeDarko . The site features some great writing that's, well, different. If you didn't check it out then, you missed your chance to be cutting edge, since the "mainstream media" is starting to catch on. Peter Schrager from interviewed Bethlehem Shoals, one of the guys behind FreeDarko:

PS: What exactly are you freeing Darko from?

Shoals: Solitude. Adversity. The burden of history. The endless mockery of a thousand under-informed miscreants. Chad Ford's watchful gaze. Sure, we'd like to see him freed in a basketball sense, for the good of the league. But there's also a spiritual, almost political, dimension to our mission.

And my favorite:

PS: What can we expect from Darko in 2005-06?

Shoals: Hopefully he won't be completely freed, or else we'll be out one incredibly catchy name. But if he can't be one of those "valuable bench contributors down the stretch," we're looking at a Slavic version of Kwame Brown. And then, my friend, freeing Darko might be a dark, personal matter best left to the man himself.

Plenty more where that came from.

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