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Week 1 NBA BPR Rankings

As you may have noticed by the logo that appeared on the right-hand side of this site a week or so ago, your favorite Detroit Pistons blog is a full-fleged voting member of the YAYsports! Blogosphere Poll Rankings, affectionately dubbed the BPR's. I'll post my ballot every week, or at least until the folks over at YAYsports! follow through on their promise to make it visible on their end:

  1. San Antonio
  2. Detroit
  3. Indianapolis
  4. Dallas
  5. Milwaukee
  6. New Jersey
  7. Phoenix
  8. Washington
  9. Miami
  10. LA Clippers
  11. Houston
  12. LA Lakers
  13. Memphis
  14. Sacramento
  15. Utah
  16. Golden State
  17. Seattle
  18. Denver
  19. Cleveland
  20. Minnesota
  21. New Orleans
  22. Boston
  23. Chicago
  24. Charlotte
  25. Philadelphia
  26. New York
  27. Portland
  28. Orlando
  29. Atlanta
  30. Toronto

Part of me really wanted to vote the Pistons No. 1, and I would have felt partially justified with the Spurs already suffering a loss. But the champs are the champs, and I don't think the Pistons have really played anyone quite yet. As it turns out, the rest of the voting members agreed, as the Spurs and Pistons place first and second in the Week 1 rankings, with Indiana, Dallas and Miami rounding out the top five.

NBA BPR Week 1 - 11.08.05 [YAYsports!]