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The Puck and The Dunk

The Free Press debuted a new weekly section today titled "The Puck and The Dunk" featuring, you guessed it, extra articles on the Red Wings and Pistons. Since I digest my Free Press digitally, I can't say what the print edition actually looks like, but I'm guessing it's full of advertisements. Why else would they release a produce another section that's full of little else but fluff articles?

I've already shared Alex Acker's Rookie Diary, but you can also read about Chauncey Billups favorite food! And what's on Rip's iPod! (I'm guessing A LOT of music -- he says he has 10 of them). And don't miss 325 words on coach/point guard relationships from around the league! Blah, blah, blah...

The highlight, I guess, is beat writer's Krista Latham's work: she has a good article on Chauncey's relationship with Flip, Rip's early success in the new offense, plus an interesting notes type column, that will hopefully get more "insider" as the season goes on.

It's not possible to link to a particular day's worth of articles in the Free Press, but it should be visible from their main Pistons section for at least a few days.