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Who’s the better in the post: Chauncey or Rip?

Both the Free Press and News reported on this humerous exchange between Chauncey and Rip yesterday, capped off with Rasheed's words of wisdom:

Hamilton has been drawing raves for his newfound ability to score in the lane. With teams using smaller guards to chase him, he has flashed post-up moves that he claims he's had all along.

"I like to take little guys in the post," Hamilton said. "Everybody forgets how tall I am. I am six-seven. People don't realize that. I like to go in there, mix it up and bang with the big guys a bit."

Overhearing Hamilton's conversation, his backcourt mate, Chauncey Billups, shook his head in bemusement.

"My post-up game is better than Chauncey's, I know that for a fact," Hamilton said. "Chaunce is 6-3, 225 pounds, and my post-up game is killing him. It's killing him and he knows it."

Billups couldn't take it.

"Oh, my goodness," he said, laughing. "It's not even close. He has a one-time, turnaround jumper over a six-footer. I am giving you up-and-unders, fade-aways, baby hooks, all of that. When I go into my package, it's not even close."

Billups has a post-up package?

"Oh yeah, I got a post-up package," he said. "I am the best post-up player on the team."

Rasheed Wallace, standing nearby, tossed a basketball at Billups.

"Shut up, Billups," he joked.

Baby post-ups