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That dumb (bleep)

Rasheed on Mike Dunleavy's hack-a-Ben strategy, which backfired on Sunday night:

Rasheed Wallace, who had his differences with Dunleavy when he played for him in Portland, didn't mince his words.

"No, I was not surprised (he did that) at all," said Wallace. "That dumb (bleep)."

Wallace and Dunleavy cussed at each other in the final seconds, with Wallace getting a technical foul

"That's bull," said Wallace. "We were cussing each other out. But that's OK. I know I am PE (public enemy) No. 1. I couldn't care less."

Oh, how I long for a PG-13 newspaper. That bleep could have been one of several colorful words, and knowing exactly which one
is somehow important to me. Why can't they at least print "f---", or "a--", or "s---"?

On a sidenote, I grew up reading Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn quotes that were just laced with bleeps, and being the naive kid that I was, it took one of my less innocent friends to point out that "bleep" actually stood for "a dirty word." Once I mastered that little fact, my reading comprehension shot through the roof.

Strategy doesn't work, Pistons top Clippers [Detroit News]