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USA Today: Rip Hamilton is league’s best shooter

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If Monday's loss still has you down, at least you can take solace in the fact that the Pistons' blazing start has garnered them well-deserved national attention. In today's USA Today, David Dupree heaps high praise on Richard Hamilton's shooting ability:

Shooting may have become the lost art of basketball lately, but Richard Hamilton is turning back the clock. His no frills, picture-perfect jump shot make the 6-7 shooting guard of the Detroit Pistons statistically, at least, the best shooter in the NBA. When it comes to putting the ball in the basket — from anywhere on the floor — Hamilton stands alone.

"Basketball is more than crossovers and slam dunks," Hamilton said. "It's shooting. It's fundamentals. It's not complicated."

Going into Monday's games, Hamilton, 18th in the league in scoring with a 21.8 average, is the only player shooting at least 50% (51.2) from the field, 40% (52.0) from three-point range and 80% (87.3) from the free throw line.

Two players accomplished the feat last season —Steve Nash of Phoenix and Jason Terry of Dallas.

Hamilton's total shooting percentage (field goal percentage plus three-point percentage plus free throw percentage) of 190.5 is tops in the league among all players who are averaging at least 10 points a game and have made at least 10 three-point shots. Nash is a distant second at 181.6.

Hamilton is perhaps the best in the league at moving without the basketball and coming off screens. He has a quick release, the patience to not force shots and is so disciplined that his form very seldom breaks down.

I'll be honest, I've never even heard of total shooting percentage before reading this article, but it's an interesting concept and shows just how efficient and versatile Hamilton really is. Just out of curiosity, I took a look at Chauncey Billups' stats -- his total shooting percentage is 176.5. I have no idea how grouped together players are at the top of this new-fangled statistic, but considering there's a nine-point difference between first and second place, I have to imagine Billups isn't too far behind.

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