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Pistons spay Bobcats

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Pistons 103, Bobcats 78

Are the Bobcats an actual NBA team? Or was their some type of scheduling snafu the past two years and they're actually supposed to be playing in the NBDL? I'm serious, I want to know.

Charlotte came out and scored 30 points in the third quarter, which, if you missed the game, was four points better than they managed the entire first half. Chauncey Billups led the team with 21 and 12, pointing out after the game what we've already recognized:

"I'm playing the best I've ever played right now,'' Billups said. "I have that freedom to run the show. I know the offense inside and out, I know where people are going to be. Things are really good right now.''

Ben Wallace remains a rejuvenated rebounder, finishing with 13 boards to go with 13 points, his sixth double-double of the season.

As for the bench, Mo Evans led the reserves with 11 points, Antonio McDyess shot 4-6 to finish with nine, and Carlos Delfino turned int an overall productive game: eight points, four boards and two assists in 19 minutes. Delfino had three turnovers, but I'll take that considering it clearly didn't affect the game. I hope Flip Saunders keeps giving this guy extended minutes and lets him develop -- he's got an interesting blend of tools and already looks pretty polished on offense.

Bobcats coach Bernie Bickerstaff was clearly upset about his team's performance after the game.

"The effort early in that game was probably the worst I've ever seen from a Bobcat team. It appeared we were in awe,'' said Bickerstaff, who was ejected for picking up two technical fouls late in the first half. "But they're good. I really don't see any weaknesses.''

Bickerstaff also had an interesting explanation for Melvin Ely's DNP:

Bobcats forward Melvin Ely missed the game with flu-like symptoms. "The guys were teasing him, saying he has the (Rasheed) Wallace flu,'' Bickerstaff said.

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