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Interplanetary Pistons

I don't why it took me so long to stumble upon this site, but here's a collection of all of those Interplanetary Pistons cartoon shorts that you may have seen on Pistons Weekly. Definitely check out Episode 7 for some retro Bad Boys action, and don't miss Episode 9, which somehow finds a way to fit the Pistons, Shaun Rogers (yeah, the Lions defensive tackle) and LeBron James into the same script. In all the episodes, be prepared for some off-the-wall "Rasheed Wallace channeling Jimmie Walker" one-liners.

"Delightfully campy... two thumbs up!"
-- Matt Watson,

Interplanetary Pistons [via Sports Gamer]

EDIT: OK, it's official: Episode 5 is by far the best, even if only for the Rasheed Wallace/Bill Laimbeer scene at the end.