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Are 72 wins possible?

True Hoop pointed me in the direction of this article on RealGM:

However, as well as the Pistons have played thus far, many critics question whether or not this team will be able to continue this rapid pace of winning up over the course of an 82 game season. NBA fans around the nation may very well discover the answer to this question after the Pistons play Golden State, San Antonio, Toronto, Miami, and Cleveland over the course of the next ten days.

Should the Billups and company find a way to defeat these five foes, the wildly burning question will become not whether the 25 - 3 Pistons will be able to break the all time franchise record of 63 regular season victories set by the 1998 - 1989 NBA Champion Pistons; but whether the Pistons will be able to break the NBA record of 72 regular season victories set by Michael Jordan and the 1995-1996 World Champion Chicago Bulls.

I have thought about the all-time record a little bit, but I've tried to avoid it for the most part since it would be so easy to fall off that pace. I mean, it cannot be overstated how insane 10 losses for an entire season really is. Take the Phoenix Suns, for example. They opened last year 31-4 but then lost six games in a row. Boom, they're 31-10 at the halfway point. They posted an identical 31-10 in the second half to finish a league-best 62-20.

If this team at least ties franchise record for wins, I'll be content, because I'm willing to wager that 63 wins would be enough to lead the league and secure homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs. But unless the Pistons enter the All-Star break with four wins or less, I'm going to do my best to avoid thinking about the all-time record, because it'll make every loss the rest of the way (no matter how few and far between) all the more excruciating.

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