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Pistons slay giant Canadian lizards

Like Krista Latham said in the Free Press yesterday, the Pistons did their NBA duty last night by playing the 6-21 Raptors. Err, make that 6-22 Raptors. It was closer than it should have been, but they didn't let it slip away.

Raptors forward Chris Bosh played extremely well: 37 points, 11 boards and five assists in 44 minutes. I'll do the math for you -- he averaged 40.3 points per 48 minutes. That's okay, I guess, but our boy Darkoselected two spots above Bosh in the 2003 draft, remember? outhustled him with 96 points per 48. The Raptors couldn't help but leave the Palace dejected about what could have been.

Ben Wallace left the game in the third quarter after taking an Antonio McDyess elbow to the eye:

Ben Wallace left the game near the end of the third quarter and received five stitches in the corner of his lip after he was accidentally elbowed by McDyess. Wallace didn't return, but Saunders said he could have if needed.

"He's going to get enough punishment, hits and bruises next game," Saunders said.

He certainly will, as the Pistons host the Diesel and the rest of the Miami Heat on Thursday. If you were annoyed that the NBA didn't give the Pistons top billing on Christmas, well, this one is in prime time in front of a national audience on TNT.

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