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Week 5 BPR Power Rankings

The newest BPR's have been posted up at YAYsports! -- minus one delinquent blogger's ballot:

Also, this week's screwed up ballot goes to Detroit Bad Boys, who voted after the deadline and will have their ballot count in the next one two weeks from now. We gave special warning and told you not to do that...but we still love you. Sort of.

So what really happened? Was it a) the result of my never being on time for anything in my life, or b) all just a ploy to get some free publicity on what's bound to be Tuesday's most linked item in the sports blogosphere? Option B makes me sound smart, but I'd have a hard time convincing that to anyone that actually knows me.

But, because of my gaffe, I'm now able to offer the readers of this blog an absolute exclusive not available anywhere else: my power rankings!


1 Detroit
2 San Antonio
3 Phoenix
4 Indiana
5 LA Clippers
6 Cleveland
7 Memphis
8 Dallas
9 Golden State
10 Miami
11 Houston
12 Washington
13 Milwaukee
14 Minnesota
15 New Orleans
16 Chicago
17 Philadelphia
18 New Jersey
19 Denver
20 Orlando
21 Sacramento
22 Seattle
23 Boston
24 Utah
25 LA Lakers
26 Portland
27 New York
28 Charlotte
29 Toronto
30 Atlanta

Agree? Disagree? Tell me in the comments.