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Bench isn’t happy with rotation (or lack thereof)

Both the News and the Free Press had articles talking about the bench players being mystified by Flip Saunders substitution patterns.

Mo Evans and Dale Davis would like a little more consistency, but they seem content with the fact that the Pistons are winning with the status quo. From the Free Press:

"It's a tough position right now because we don't know really what to expect," said Evans, a swingman. "It just makes it hard to be as productive as possible when you really don't know what your minutes are going to be like."

But Evans added: "The thing is, we're winning, and no one wants to look like they're not happy. I really am happy that we're winning.

"Certain nights it's even better when we can be productive. I just want to know what to expect so I know how I can help the team."

"Of course I want to play. I'm not happy about not playing," [Davis] said. "But at the same time, we're winning and showing success and you know, I know I'll get an opportunity to do what I can to contribute."

Carlos Delfino, on the other hand, seems to be a bit more whiny. From the News:

Q. How is Delfino dealing with it?

A. As well as you would expect. He understands, to a point. He's been professional, and he's continued to work hard and support the team.

But he is frustrated. More than once he has been told he would play and ended up not getting off the bench.

"Why even talk to me?" he said. "Don't tell me nothing."

Before the game Saturday, when he knew he would play, he said, "Now they are going to (play) me, after I haven't done anything for a month."

There was a rumor floating around that Delfino had asked Dumars to trade him. He and Dumars strongly deny that.

"I have not (asked for a trade)," Delfino said. "I just want to play."

Saunders is searching for ways to reduce Prince's workload and insists Delfino will get his shot.

Evans and Delfino are basically competing against each other, which is pretty tough since Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince rarely come out of the game, and certainly not at the same time. Evans is one of those high-energy guy that can just flip a switch and go nuts diving all over the place (are you taking notes, Darko?), while Delfino is a bit more restrained. To be honest, I actually trust Delfino with the ball in his hands a lot more and I'd like to see him get more opportunities, but if his grumbles get louder I can't help but think he'll be shipped out of town. Tread lightly, Carlos.

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