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Detroit Bad Boys is officially "worth a read!"

I was combing through the Pistons section in the Free Press today when I stumbled upon this:

Pistons blogs in the Free Press

The blog's author, Matt Watson, a freelance writer, usually steers clear of most Internet dribble (DARKO SUCKS! DARKO'S THE BEST!). Worth a read when you're done with

Aw, shucks.

Welcome to any new readers I may have today, and please bear in mind that I tend to write about things a little more informative than Dale Davis' ability to spell -- you're just catching me in a dry period with almost a week between games. For the most part, I'm usually commenting on games or stories from the news, though I do my best to catch all the good Rasheed quotes, too. Because I'm that kind of cat.

Enjoy your stay, and come back often.

Just Blog It! [Detroit Free Press]