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Pistons podcast has Lindsey Hunter update

I came across Pistons Confidential the other day over on Pistons.comI always feel bad writing "", since it's technically "", but whatever, you get the idea.. Basically it appears to be a near-daily podcast full of insider-type Pistons newsI hesistated to use the word "podcast" since that implies automatic distribution, which doesn't appear to exist in this instance, but "mp3 report" just didn't sound right. . If you're not into that whole aural sensation, the transcription of each report is listed right on the site. And really, it's short enough that it's probably quicker just to read the thing rather than play it.

Bear with me, there's a point to all of this. Now that I've introduced this new source (which may or may not be all that new, I just happened to have discovered it), I just wanted to let you know there's actually some decent info in it. For example, yesterday's post had an update on Lindsey Hunter:

Good news yesterday and today is that Lindsey Hunter is back practicing with the Pistons. Lindsey underwent foot and ankle surgery during training camp and it is likely he won't be activated until right around the All-Star break. Pistons brass believes it is best to give Lindsey the maximum amount of time at his age to recover from surgery plus the Pistons feel like their going to need him for the second half of the season and for the playoffs in terms of that on-ball defensive presence in back court that Lindsey can provide, so don't expect to see him anytime soon, even though he is back practicing with the team.

Yes, that last sentence is 74 words long, but don't forget that this is a transcription, and it doesn't sound that odd when you actually listen to it. Good info, though.

MLive expanded on Hunter's status today:

While there's still no definitive timetable for Lindsey Hunter's return to game action following surgery last month on his left ankle, he said Wednesday that he feels like he's ahead of schedule.

"I'm just trying to push myself as hard as I can, work through some of the pain," said Hunter, who didn't expect to resume practicing with his teammates until later this month.

Hunter startedpraccticing on Tuesday.

The most difficult part for Hunter has been making sharp cuts on the ankle, which is a must for a defensive-minded player like Hunter.

"That's the type of stuff you can't think about, you just have to do," Hunter said. "I can feel myself reluctant not to do it, or not do it because of the pain."

Hunter isn't complaining, though.

"It's coming along," he said of his recovery. "I'm happy. I'm just going to keep pushing myself."

Pistons forward Antonio McDyess, who has had multiple left knee injuries in his career, has been pleased with Hunter's progress.

"I was surprised he came back today after working so hard yesterday," McDyess said. "I know how it is when you go through an injury and you're coming back, especially after that first day. Mentally, you're drained and then you come back the second day, kind of sore."

It'll be nice to see Hunter get back in the fold, though I'm not sure that's going to make the crowded bench very happy.