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You know Joe, unless you know, you don’t know

From Krista Latham's column in today's Free Press:

Recently, Joe Dumars and Rasheed Wallace were chatting about the season, when Wallace offered up a " 'Sheedism," as Dumars called it, that stuck with him and spoke to what separates Detroit from other teams in the league.

"He said, 'You know, Joe, unless you know, you don't know,' " Dumars said. "Unless you know, you don't know. It's a 'Sheedism. And I understand. He said, 'I didn't know before I got here. But now I do. Unless you know, you don't know.' "

OK. So, what, exactly does Wallace now know?

In Dumars' words, "He gets it."

"You try so hard," Dumars said, "and you put in so many hours and years to try to get your team to get it."

OK. And what, exactly, is "it"?

"They understand going out and scoring 30 points and losing games, that's just..." Dumars said. He trailed off and let the disgusted look on his face finish his thought. "You've got to get in a long line of people who've done that. But there's a very short line of people who have actually won."

Ah. OK. I get it.

I guess I didn't know until I knew.

Starters slump, but wins keep coming [Detroit Free Press]