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Closing the Pistons dance team controversy

This is already a bit old (and I'm not sure anyone is still talking about it), but last Thursday Dave Wieme over at wrote about the whole Automotion calendar "controversy:"

By the way, since Monday, we have sold more than 300 calendars online. Most orders are coming from out of state and most are purchasing other merchandise with the calendar.

Thanks, ADA. I know the charities that our Pistons/Palace Foundation support will appreciate all the money that is being donated from the sale of the Automotion calendar.

That begs the question, just what is the Pistons/Palace Foundation? Glad you asked -- after digging deeper into, I found this:

The Pistons-Palace Foundation continues to devote resources to better the Detroit community each year. It's major endeavor - the PARK Program, which was developed in 1994 during an informal meeting between Pistons owner William Davidson and Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer, continues to provide clean and safe play areas for Detroit's youth in an effort to provide positive recreational activities. While the initial project was completed in 1999, the PARK Program Maintenance Endowment Fund has been established to ensure the long-term upkeep of the parks. Approximately $2,500-$3,000 per year will be available to the PARK Program advisory committee at each of the 33 parks. In addition to its effort with the PARK Program, the Pistons-Palace Foundation continues to help the less fortunate during the holiday season each year by delivering food baskets, visiting senior citizens and presenting gift baskets to women in domestic violence shelters.

I'll probably never mention this manufactured "controversy" here again, but I figured this was a good way to wrap it up.