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The push for 35-5 begins tonight…

The Pistons head down to Atlanta this evening to begin a stretch of five games against mediocre to bad opponents (with a combined record of 72-107). If they complete the five game sweep (a road/home, Minnesota/Milwaukee back-to-back is the largest roadblock), they will equal the '84 Tigers memorable 35-5 start. You gotta hope that the conclusion of this Piston season tracks with the '84 Tigs season as well.

Note that a win tonight will be 5 straight for the Boys in Blue since they dropped two of four between December 31st and January 7th. This is especially important for the "70-win" crowd, considering that the Pistons will play an unbelievable 5 back-to-backs in the next three weeks.

Pistons' dominance rivals or surpasses Tigers' 35-5 start [Detroit News]