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Free Press profiles Carlos Delfino

Considering how much all of us here at DBB have been hanging off his jock lately, we'd be remiss not to point out the Carlos Delfino profile in today's Free Press. Delfino talks a bit about his rookie year, which is pretty enlightening since all we really heard about him last was Larry Brown throwing him under the bus for taking so long to return from knee surgery:

Delfino had two arthroscopic surgeries on his right knee during his rookie season, missed 41 games and was all but pushed to the side by former coach Larry Brown. Yet Dumars was impressed with how Delfino adjusted through the rough patches.

This year "you can see that he's a lot more comfortable and is making huge strides," Dumars said in an e-mail. "We think he has the right makeup and the right attitude to be a Piston for a long time. ... He has a huge upside, and he's still a young player."

Delfino's new look [Detroit Free Press]