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Tough driving in the Motor City

Remember Alex Acker talking about how confusing it was to drive in Michigan?

My first day in Michigan, it was strange, it was really strange. Not basketball, just driving and making all the U-turns. I guess you gotta pass the light and come back and turn. I miss just knowing my way around. And everything out here looks like a forest. That really freaked the hell out of me.

Well, assistant coach Don Zierden is just as baffled:

What has been the best part about living in Michigan? Well, the people are friendly but the traffic is terrible. Next time Minneapolis people complain about traffic they have to come out to Detroit. It's a big city and that's the hardest thing, is adjusting to traffic. You have to allow 15-30 minutes extra than you would in Minneapolis.

How do the drivers compare in Minneapolis to Detroit? I think people are polite and everything, but it just takes you longer. Oh, and Minnesota people love this: They have this thing in Michigan they call a Michigan Left. I'm telling you, it's crazy. I'd like to meet the guy who invented that. In Minnesota if you pull into an intersection you take a left. But otherwise, people are tremendous.

WEIGHING IN ON ... Minneapolis vs. Motown [Detroit Free Press]